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StartUp Factor is a Group company that is wholly dedicated to providing individuals with the inspiration, advisory and access to finance to launch and scale their own businesses. The StartUp Factory is our Business Academy led by Keith Mabbutt, our Founder. It covers various areas of business and is delivered once per month on the Second Monday of each month in Maidstone, Kent. The 2-hour sessions are interactive and you are guaranteed to come away with valuable insight and new learnings to apply to your business the very next day. The Academy runs between 4pm and 6pm with places strictly limited. To book your seat at the next Academy session contact our team on: hello@startupfactor.co.uk.
Who are we?
Led by serial entrepreneur Keith Mabbutt, Keith is a graduate of The Millionaire Business School and a Member of The Maserati 100 Index: recognised as one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs supporting the next generation. Keith oversees an experienced team of company owners, entrepreneurs and business growth consultants who together work to identify and support great people across Great Britain with the new ideas and start-ups emerging all the time across the UK.

Why Choose Us?
We work in partnership with Advisors, Angel Investors and supportive Incubators and Accelerator programmes to help individuals across the country in all industries and sectors launch and scale a business start-up. Specialising in providing access to finance in the form of equity investments, see our ‘Apply for Funding’ section.

Business Owner?
Self-employment is now a wholly viable and achievable career path in the UK. With a view to providing a robust SME sector of tomorrow, our mission is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners. We look forward to helping you realise your ambitions.

Meet Our Team

Keith Mabbutt

Keith Mabbutt

Founder & CEO

Keith chairs the business and oversees the core delivery team across the company strands. He supports Chelsea FC and resides in Kent. Follow him on Twitter @keithmabbs.

 Ian Barratt

Ian Barratt

Enterprise Consultant

Ian is a highly experienced coaching and training professional. He is also a member of our Advisory team. A big fan of F1 and follows Arsenal FC.

Charoltte Argyle

Charoltte Argyle

Head of Mentoring

Charlotte has been a trusted advisor to leaders across the listed-markets, formally being ‘Head of Network’ for both a ‘Global CEO’ and ‘Managing Partner’ network for Europe’s premier peer-to-peer network.

Laurence Hayes

Laurence Hayes

Finance Director

20 years experience in fund management and corporate finance, Laurence is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales and an FCA Approved Person for Corporate Finance Services. Though nobody seems to know what he actually does..

Hannah Yates

Hannah Yates

Business Advisor

ACA qualified, Hannah previously worked as a Financial Controller in a £90M start-up business gaining invaluable experience in financial modelling and business planning. Her passion lies with start-ups and she runs her own business helping new companies reach success.

 Paul Barton

Paul Barton

Events Consultant

Paul is a dedicated professional eventer and previously lectured at Exeter Business School. Having worked with some of the world’s top events companies he is a firm champion of our mission to deliver enterprise driven events that enhance employability prospects..

Apply For Funding

Get your business funded right now

We want to create the next generation millionaires. YOU could be one of them. If you need investment for your business to be able to develop it further then our Investments Team wants to hear from you today. StartUp Factor Capital provides an instant Listing service to have your business investment opportunity promoted to a private Investor network of more than 10,000 active Angel Investors giving you the chance to immediately engage your next Investor quickly at the click of a button. We want to help YOU secure the investment you need and with such a large network of active Investors waiting to hear all about YOUR business through our Listing service, you could be speaking with your next Investor within 24 hours. Contact our Investments team at StartUp Factor Capital using the form below to have your investment opportunity listing made live today to our Investor network.


Email our team now: enterprise@startupfactor.co.uk providing your NAME, EMAIL, PHONE, and INVESTMENT SUM REQUIRED (if known) and our team will contact you within 24 hours.


Is my project suitable?
If you’re looking for funding and you’re looking to make a return on investment then you’re suitable. Our investors look at all stages of business and across all sectors from genuine start-ups to more established businesses.

How do I submit a proposal?
The first step is to register your interest. You’ll then be able to submit a proposal with us using our simple online form.

How can I protect my idea?
If you’re worried about confidentiality we’d advise you to write enough to get the investors interested in your project without revealing any sensitive information. Once you start discussions with an investor, you may want to ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before you release more information.

How many investors will my proposal be sent to?
We currently have more than 10,000 investors in our network. Proposals will be sent to all matching investors on this network. Our team will match your proposal with the right investors based on investment amount, region and sector(s).

How long does it take for my proposal to go live?
Proposals are usually reviewed within 24-48 hours.

What happens at the end of the 90-day listing?
At the end of your 90-day listing you will be given the chance to pay to renew your proposal listing. Your proposal will be reactivated for another 90 days and will be resent to investors. If you don’t get any interest first time round, our team will help you improve your pitch, re-list your proposal for another 90-day listing and resend it to investors in our network for you.


 Simon Finch

I used my £9,000 to start my own shop fitting business.

Simon Finch
Laura Burlison

My finance enabled me to get The Paddock off the ground quickly by helping to buy necessary equipment.

Laura Burlison
Nicola Weeks

I was able to start my bridal boutique business with £8,500.

Nicola Weeks
Josh Halman

I secured £2,500 to develop my business.

Josh Halman


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Some of our Partners

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  • EntreprenurialSpark
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